German volume training

Published: 05th September 2008
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Building muscle is the aim of german volume training and is great for adding mass to your bones. In only 4 weeks of GVT training you can really see the difference.
Pick a weight you can do 20 reps with, now you are going to perform 10 sets of 10 reps with that weight. That is the basics of german volume training.

Sounds easy but its not, but the fouth set the number of reps will start to fall and towardss the end of the 10 sets your reps somehow manage to increase again.

Use a 402 tempo for large muscles and a 302 tempo for the smaller ones. By this take four seconds to lower the weight and two seconds to raise it. The 0 means do not pause at the top or bottom of the movement.

After each workout you will be pumped and sore and will need more recovery time then with other methods due to the massive stimulation of the muscle fibres.

Each bodypart will be training once a week to allow you to recover from each workout.

Modays: Chest & Back Dumbbell bench press 10 x 10 Barbell rows 10 x10 Dumbbell Pull overs 3 x 12

Wednesday: Legs & Shoulders Squats 10 x 10 Deadlifts 10 x 10 Shoulder press (dumbbell) 10 x 10

Friday: Arms Barbell Curl 10 x 10 Close grip bench press 10 x 10 Dips 3 x as many as you can

Perform this workout over the next 4 weeks and see how good it is at building mass. After the 4 weeks swap each of the exercises for a different one for that bodypart for the next 4 weeks. In 8 weeks you should make some excellent gains.

Just training alone isnt going to be enough for building muscle you need to feed your body in order for it to grow, to do this extra calories and protein is essential.

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